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Working drawings of property

Working Drawings

We have extensive experience in the preparation of working drawing packages for construction projects for those clients that desire all aspects of detailed design to be considered throughout their build. Working with specialist manufacturers and suppliers, we can incorporate the clients' requirements and guide them through the technical aspects of what can be achieved within their budget.

We have prepared working drawing packages for standard house and apartment types for a number of housing developers, helping them deliver many developments with the benefit of knowing finite costs for each unit. Being the custodians of a house and apartment portfolio can benefit such developers, engaging us to ensure that their products are kept up to date with current the Building Regulations, developing trends and good building practice. 

Good knowledge of the latest innovative methods of construction along with tried and tested industry leading building products  is vital to produce the quality of detailing that our clients expect. With decades of experience in the production of numerous details for a wealth of different sectors, we can deliver a bespoke working drawing service tailored to any clients needs.

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